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Weight Loss 101: Learn How to Control Your Cravings

Weight Loss 101: Learn How to Control Your Cravings

What’s hard about going on a diet is not the diet itself; what’s hard is the cravings that come with it. Losing weight can be as easy as eliminating certain food from your diet and exercising. However, the true test of willpower is every time you crave for things that will hinder you from achieving your ultimate goal.

So, how does one learn to control those pesky cravings?


  1. Plan your meals.

Planning your meals for the day or the coming week allows you to control what you eat, therefore eliminating the chance of craving something that’s unhealthy or one that will disrupt your diet. Also, by doing this, you can reduce the chance of you giving in to the temptation whenever you crave for something.


  1. Eat more protein.

Many studies have shown that having more protein in your diet reduces your cravings greatly. By eating more protein, you end up feeling more full and reduce your appetite which will significantly help you stop overeating and will reduce your feelings of cravings.


  1. Reduce your stress.

A lot of us end up bingeing on unhealthy food and drinks whenever we are stressed as stress can induce cravings and influence eating behaviors.

Undergoing constant stress also elevates your cortisol levels which makes you gain weight, especially around your belly.


  1. Get enough sleep.

Sleep deprivation affects not only your ability to function during the day but also your appetite. This is because getting enough restful sleep helps in regulating the hormones that are responsible for your appetite.

Studies have shown that those who are constantly sleep-deprived have a tendency towards obesity and are more likely to experience stronger cravings.


  1. Drink lots of water.

Sometimes, we mistake being thirsty with being hungry or craving. To avoid giving in to your cravings, try drinking a glass of water first and wait for several minutes to see if the feeling subsides.

Not only does it help with controlling cravings, but drinking plenty of water can also regulate your appetite and help with losing weight.


Dealing with cravings when you’re trying to lose weight can be difficult, but with self-discipline and healthy habits, it can be manageable.