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Rules in Wearing Leggings at Work

Rules in Wearing Leggings at Work

Leggings are definitely comfortable to wear, but have you ever wished to wear them to work?

You can! But before sporting one to work, here is a list of rules when wearing leggings to work.


  1. Go for Black

Black leggings are a safe choice, but they can easily be paired with almost any top and they can look as though you're wearing a pair of tight pants. Avoid skin-colored pants at all cost.


  1. Try Thick Fabric

You may be wearing a dark colored pair, but if the fabric is not thick enough, a slight tone of your skin might be visible. This will also help you avoid embarrassing rips.


  1. Say Yes to Long Blouses

Wearing a long blouse or short dress never goes out of style. This will also help you cover up your fanny and still give you a comfy yet professional look.


  1. Let it Loose

It's better to opt for a loose top because leggings are already form-fitting, wearing a tight top will throw the whole look off. Loose tops can help you look like you're well put together.


  1. Wear a Blazer

Wearing a blazer is a classic work look. It can go well with a lot of bottom wears including leggings. You can never go wrong with a blazer if you want to wear a pair of leggings to work.


  1. Choose the Right Shoes

Your shoes can also make or break your whole look of wearing leggings. Avoid pairing your leggings with lace-up sneakers. The best ones to choose from are flats, ankle boots and heels. You can never go wrong with these shoes.


You may look professional and comfortable sporting a pair of leggings, but don't get too comfortable. Remember that you're going to work, so give out that professional vibe.