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How to Combine Tights with Dresses and Skirts

How to Combine Tights with Dresses and Skirts

Tights are not new to our clothing vocabulary. In fact, most women prefer wearing tights for it’s cozy to wear and can easily be dressed up with different clothing styles. Most of us might think of tights as plain, stretchable garments that can go well along with everything that we match it with. However, tights must still be worn with precaution especially if you decide to combine it with dresses or skirts.

Here are some essential tips worth considering when you’re planning to combine tights with dresses and skirts:

  1. Match Tights to the Hemline of the Skirt or Dress


With the variety of colors that you could infinitely choose from, do not be tempted to just pick any color that you feel like wearing. You should make it as a golden rule that the color of tights should match with the hemline of your skirt or dress. This rule is especially helpful when you’re still in doubt with about how you might look.


For instance, you can go for a pair of black tights if you’re wearing a black dress or skirt.


  1. Try Transparent Tights


The fact that it’s transparent means that it’s meant to show more skin. So when worn, transparent tights surely add extra sexiness to any dress or skirt. It should, therefore, not be worn with a sexy dress or miniskirt because that would make you look very provocative.


  1. Match Tights to the Print of Your Dress or Skirt


Prints add vibrancy and boldness to any dress or skirt. So, if you’re someone who loves prints in your outfits, choose a pair of tights that match the print’s color or whose shade is closer to the print’s color.


For example, if your skirt has a brown, purple, or green pattern on it, you can go with dark-green or brown tights.


Dresses and skirts add a touch of femininity to any woman, and anyone who wears such would surely look beautiful in it. But when complemented with the right pair of tights, wearing dresses and skirts will surely bring out an elevated look to any woman.