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Here Are the Most Flattering Leggings For Your Body Type

Here Are the Most Flattering Leggings For Your Body Type

Leggings are a favorite type of garment amongst many people. They are light and comfortable to wear for a stroll in the park, for a session in the gym, or as a casual and go-to garment. Whichever way you like to rock your leggings, the wrong type might not compeiment your body shape well.

To help you out, here are the types of leggings and the body types they flatter best.


Slim Fit Crop

This legging type is perfect for the petite ladies with slight frames or those who are 5’4 feet and below. The slim fit crop defines your legs perfectly.


Sculpting Crop

If you are petite, but with some curves, the sculpting crop leggings will support the curves but will not make you feel compressed.


Long Mid-Rise

For the tall ladies, the long mid-rise leggings showcase your stems but do not give the impression that you are just a long-legged figure.



Compression leggings are for the full curvy figures. They show off the curves and create a fantastic lifting effect.


Control Top

This type is ideal for ladies who are fuller in the middle parts of the body. Control top leggings keep the outlines smooth.


High Waist

High waist leggings are perfect for outlining your shape, smoothing over your butt, hips, and legs and drawing right into the waist. Ladies with pear shape rock this type of leggings best.


Wide Waistband

Get these flattering leggings if you have an hourglass body type. They show off the curve while comfortably sitting above your hips without giving a cut-in impression.



If you’re are the athletic type with some leg muscles, the seamless leggings will highlight your tone well while softening the muscular legs with the smooth and stretchy knit.



The straight body type can be tricky to flatter in leggings. However, the paneled leggings will give the straight body type an illusion of shape using the panels and seams in the design.


If you know your body type, now you know the type of leggings that will flatter your shape perfectly. Hit the store and get yourself a pair.