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Find Your Style: What to Wear with Leggings

Find Your Style: What to Wear with Leggings

There are many types of clothing to pair your leggings with. It is so flexible in a way that almost anything can be paired with it. If you want to make a fashion statement with your leggings, then here are some helpful suggestions on which one you want to exude.


Loose Button-up Shirt

Leggings can perfectly blend in with button-up, printed and large shirts. A dark single colored pair of converse shoes that matches the top can sum up into street clothes which is cool and comfy.


Short Dress

A dress goes well with leggings, especially those shorter ones. I would suggest a colorful top must be paired with plain colored leggings and vice versa. You can even highlight a plain dress with a matching belt and stilettos for that posh chic vibe.


Lacey Skirts

A simple tight-fit top and plain leggings will blend well with a thin, glittery or lacey skirt to make contrasts with the top and bottom outfits. This can be an ideal outfit for a party. Make sure to wear Lita shoes or a pair of wedges to match your skirt.



Whether it be a pair of knee-high boots or ankle boots, it is best to complement a winter outfit. Go for an ethnic print or a leather jacket that matches your boots for that cowboy or cowgirl style. It will be an item of ideal clothing during autumn and winter. You can add a scarf as a finishing touch.


Who says a pair of leggings are clothes limited for the gym, yoga and sports activities? Well, I disagree for it can be paired with tons of clothes, shoes, and accessories. Everybody can always come up with the fashion statement that you find pleasing enough. With a little mixing and matching, you can explore all the possibilities and all the magic that comes with being fashionable.